Area 208 (5/9/2020)

This spring I finally got the drought year necessary to execute a trip I had planned two years ago. This area is so secret, it is literally four times more secret than Area 52.

The plan was to visit two waterfalls in the spring when the whankers and their offspring are still in school or are too afraid to venture outdoors. Here our ragtag crew pose for a picture at the trailhead. Dawg, was the lucky one. Last year during our two week trip, he had to carry a mixture of freeze-dried dog food and kibble, as I was concerned he might not like the freeze-dried food. After realizing he likes it better, I skipped the kibble this trip. Although his pack is exploding with food, his pack and food combined weighed in at a minuscule 4 lbs 6 oz. Last year he carried about 9.6 lbs at the start of each week.

I'd like to point out something you may not have noticed in this picture. Every year I complain about all the jet trails ruining our photographs. With the "authorities" claiming flights have been reduced by 90% nationally, I can confidently say that either, they are lying out their asses, or every one of the flights still in operation flies over this area.

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