Desert Adventure 2005

Last year we took tons of trips, had a blast, but never updated the web page. For that we apologize and hope to do better this year.

This June Andra and I decided to take a backpacking trip into the Domeland Wilderness. Fresh from the Sierra Century Bike Tour we drove down to Ridgecrest to crash for the night in a hotel. Andra had just purchased a new digital camera and we realized on the way down that the battery would not last for a weeklong trip. After breakfast, we spent a couple of hours looking for a store that might have a spare, but found nothing. Leaving town a bit late we headed for the trailhead.

Having forgotten to fill our water containers at the hotel, we stopped for gas and water before we left the wonders of paved roads.

Having left the main road for many miles, the photo above shows the winding dirt road behind us. In most areas, the road had significant ribbing from the recent rains and speeds above 20MPH were rarely possible.

Another look at the lower part of the road. This area is just to the left of the first photo.

This wider smooth section made a good place to stop and take a few photos.

Tank of gas and 2.5 gallons of water - $44
Quality brake work and new front rotors from Magnussen Dodge - $397
Not careening off the mountainside to my death - priceless.

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