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Thursday morning Tim left in the morning for a concert in Monterey.  Alia having missed out on our trek to Upper Yosemite Falls, wanted to attempt to scale to the top.  I'm sure much to her dismay later, I agreed to make a second assault on this steep trail.  To her credit she slowly ground through the switchbacks until the bitter end.  No one will mention the number of 'catch your breath' stops that were made along the way, but I do remember someone saying "Mike if you weren't here I would have turned back by now."  I wonder who that could have been?

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Another breath taking look from Columbia Rock.

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Here I am about half way to the top.  I guess a little rest never hurt anyone.

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A look from the trail at the final climb.  The overlook is just beyond those trees.  As I remember, Alia was pretty glad to see this.   I'm not sure if she was excited about the view or the fact that we didn't have to go up anymore.  I seem to remember her making some comments about the weight of her binoculars.  I wonder what that was all about?  Hmmm.


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