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Check out how clear that water is!  Here some fool risks being sucked over the edge by swimming in one of the last pools before the drop.

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Tim and I having not seen the trail leading to the overlook point, made our own.  If you look closely between the two narrow trees at the left of this photograph, you will see stairs leading down from above.  This is where we should have come in.  We cut up the side of this granite to reach them from here.   Frankly we were too tired to go all the way back around to the trail we missed.   Just below the finger pointer you can see the granite steps.  They look small and are only about the width of the pointer hand.  Look closely....

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There are some drawbacks to making your own trail.   This rattlesnake didn't appreciate our walking through his home.  He rattled up a storm as we walked past.

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Here we are most of the way up that granite face shown in the second picture.  This is another look at that pristine pool.


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